The Story So Far

June 2010 – Eoin, my fella, is offered a two-year work transfer from Ireland to America

October 26th 2010 – Eoin leaves Dublin to start his assignment in Chandler, AZ, a small city outside of Phoenix

November 1st 2010 – After finishing up my job, I follow him over like your typical ball and chain, despite not having a working visa. I accidentally become housewife. Well, housegirlf

January 5th 2011 – We move from Chandler to Hillsboro, OR, where we’ll be living until early May

January 29th 2011 – We add Milo, a pugglier puppy, to the gang

May 9th 2011 – We arrive back in Arizona, having driven down through California from Oregon


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Yesterday, for the first time in the ten months I’ve been living in America, I felt homesick.

Of course I think of home, and my friends and family, all the time, but never before in a I-wish-I-was-there-so-bad-I-could-punch-someone kinda way. Maybe it’s because my mother came to stay last month, or because I know I’m going home at Christmas. I’m not sure. But yesterday, there was a surprise party to celebrate one of my Very Best Friends turning 30 and I was the only one not there. To add insult to injury, this particular friend really doesn’t do surprises. Oh, to have seen her face. And photographed it.

They called me from the pub and tagged me on Facebook and emailed a picture, but it really wasn’t the same. I sat on the couch watching the clock, calculating the time difference and wondering what mischief they were making while I tried to concentrate on Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead.

Oh well. They all have hangovers today and I don’t. That’s fair, right?

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