Christmas in Mexico or Chrismico, if you will

It was lovely; relaxing and fun. Isla Mujeres, where we stayed, is a tinchy island (only 5 miles long) 15 minutes by ferry from Cancun. The beaches are amazing and it was the perfect mix of peaceful with a nice buzz at nighttime. I ate loads, drank loads and became champion of a little card game called Shithead. Highlights were visiting a sea turtle sanctuary, snorkeling, driving around in a golf cart, a trip to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itxa and having quesadillas for breakfast in the same little loncheria every morning. The only lowlight was flying home through North Carolina, which added four and a half hours to our travel time. We didn’t get in til 2.30am on Wednesday night and I had my driving test at 11am the next morning. Somehow I still managed to pass. Yuss! (It was a piece of piss, obviously.)

Here are some pics of my trip for your delectation:

So that’s it from me for 2010! Here’s hoping all our dreams come true in 2011. Happy new year!


On the move again

What? You didn’t think I was going to stay in Arizona forever, did you?

As of January 5th, Eoin and I will be living just outside Portland, Oregon. Yes, moving again so soon is not ideal but at the same time Portland sounds lovely, and it will give me the chance to have a bit of a winter. Oh yes, Portland, unlike Arizona, is cold. Actually, the climate is much like the one I’m used to at home in Ireland. Yay for seasons!

Below is (a really crude, in hindsight) map to show you where I’m at now and where I’m headed.

Now, isn’t that informative? I like to think of my new home as “just a California away.” We’ll be living there from the beginning of January til the very end of April/start of May, after which we’ll be coming back here for a long stint.

So what do I know about Portland?

  • It’s one of the greenest (as in, most eco-friendly) cities in the United States. That means the public transport up there is top-notch. (Although I’m driving now, I like to have options. And drinks.)
  • It’s famous for having a thriving music scene. Bands like Modest Mouse and Death Cab For Cutie originated in Portland and apparently (if you can believe Wikipedia) it’s where Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love met way back when.
  • One of its nicknames is Beertown. Why? Cos it’s home to lots of micro breweries. HELLO, BEER.
  • It’s very leafy. Leafy is good. I like leafy.
  • The Roloffs live there. And yes, before you ask, I intend to stalk them. Especially Jeremy, the 20-year-old son I’m not ashamed to say I have a crush on.

Overall, I really like the sound of Oregon. It rings my bell. Now all I have to worry about is the small matter of moving house. It feels like I only unpacked all this crap yesterday but c’est la vie. In this case though, the shipment shouldn’t take as long to reach us cos a) customs won’t be a factor and b) surely they can just put it all in a truck and drive it up to us. I would be less worried if we weren’t going away for Christmas. Oh didn’t I tell you? I’ll be raising a margarita to Baby Jesus from here as of next week:

That’s Isla Mujeres, just off Cancun, Mexico. EXCITED!

Have you been to Portland? Any tips for things to do in Oregon? Sharing is caring.