Picture of the Day: will swap dog for BlackBerry

Wanted: one fully functioning BlackBerry, with all buttons and back of case intact. Available: puppy. Seven months old. Tends to chew things. Don’t take your eyes off him.


Picture of the Day: Barack goes home

Picture courtesy of TheJournal.ie

Such a historic occasion. As someone pointed out earlier on Twitter, with the Obamas, the Queen’s visit and Jedward’s Eurovision performance, Reeling in the Years 2011 will be pretty awesome.

Picture of the Day: smart cookie

I got this fortune cookie in PF Chang’s on Sunday night. I think they meant “Skype.”

Picture of the Day: I wasn’t lying when I said the weather was crap

This announcement popped up on my TV today, along with an annoying siren and a voiceover telling me we could be in for a tornado this afternoon. I was trying to watch The Nanny at the time so, yeah, it was pretty inconvenient. I’ve brought in the laundry, put away the clothes horse and battened down the hatches as best I could. Fingers crossed it will all amount to nothing. If it doesn’t, tell my mother I love her.

Picture of the Day: wet and miserable

This is how the weather forecast has looked pretty much every week since we’ve been in Oregon. I don’t know how much more of it I can take. Wet socks, wet dog, wet weekends.

Picture of the Day: spring

I hadn’t really given it much thought but I was relieved to see they have daffodils in America too. Well, it’s not the kind of thing you can be 100% sure of ’til you get here, is it? They’re my favourite flower for lots of different reasons, one of which being they mark the official start of spring (for me, anyway). Now I just have to sit here and wait for the rain to stop. It will stop, won’t it?

Picture of the Day: dough is me

There are no words to describe how much I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Any time I had to travel to London for work I’d always bring home a box of 12 (to begin with, upon landing in Dublin there was usually more like nine in there). God, they were even worth the humiliation of having them scanned in the airport. It’s an actual travesty that there isn’t a single Krispy Kreme outlet in Ireland yet. Like, come on. There’s even a poxy Yankee Candle shop at the bottom of Grafton Street now (well, there was when I left anyway). This one is less than two miles from my house. My arteries clog just driving past so I hate to think what happens when I go in there and buy doughnuts. Which I do, regularly.