Meet Sarah

Sarah (left, looking forlorn in a hat) is a journalist who moved from Dublin to America with her boyfriend Eoin. Scary, she knows. She likes food (all kinds), sarcasm and talking about herself in the third person. She’s prone to exaggeration and enjoys the occasional glass of wine. This is her blog.


8 thoughts on “Meet Sarah

  1. Hi Sarah – enjoyed your piece on dogadoption – my advice is to be rishing to the shops, theatre, hospital appointment- anywhere as longs as it’s imperative you’re there and – oops.. what’s that four legged creature wandering out infront of an articulated truck? A dog! You’ll have to reschedule not only your evening, but your life – ‘cos that’s how dogs get adopted. There are many lost (only when you’re too busy to rescue them, never when you’ve plenty of time waiting for your application to be processed. Over the past four years we have rescued 11 dogs; a terrier who ate aquarter of the side gate to get away from her new foster parents; a Saint Bernard and an Alsatian (together) who quivered and slobbered all the way to the DSPCA – let’s be reasonable, they’re enormous! Turned out they had to be rescued right back from Co Meath by their owners who live behind us (they must never walk them as I’d never not have noticed them), a collie who we rescued every week for four weeks, a gentle greyhound who we loved but were too prejudiced to keep etc. We did keep Lulu from Lucan, a pretty but untrainable bundle of affection.
    Good luck in your adoption quest.
    Give our love to Eoin!

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