On the road again

Ah Oregon it’s been real, but it’s time to move on.

Starting on May 1st, we are officially making our way back down to Arizona, where we’ll be living for the next two years or so. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, because we were there for the first three months of the assignment, and because I was always conscious we’d be going back, I felt more settled there and keep referring to it as “home.” But on the other, my heart belongs to Portland and I’ll miss it something fierce. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to do all the things we planned while we were here, but what with the poxy weather, new pup, and Eoin’s long hours, we were restricted. I’ve made my peace with it though. And hey, maybe we’ll come back for a holiday? Two years is a long time.

Anyway, this move is going to be a little different to the last two (from Ireland to AZ and from AZ to here) mostly because we’re going it alone. Previously, The Massive Multinational Company That Cannot Be Named had been our mammy and organised our apartment, cable, internet, phone, car and furniture – everything. This time, however, they’re only looking after the house, the rest is up to us. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but we’ve been so spoiled it seems a little scary, especially the part about arriving to an empty house with only an air bed to our names. Terror Town.

Still, I’m really looking forward to it, especially as everything is more fun now that we have Milo. Eoin has already purchased some new wheels (well, new to us) and we’ve decided that we’re going to drive down and make a holiday of it because he has some much-needed time off to take. This is the part I’ve been concentrating on and I’m so excited about it. Chandler is about 1,300 miles away and we’re giving ourselves ten days to get there, taking the scenic route.

It looks long, right? Basically we’re driving down almost the entire west coast of America. The weather should be nice, especially in Southern California, so we’re going to camp when we can and just spend time by the coast before we venture into the desert for the long haul. We plan on stopping in Depoe Bay on the Oregon coast for whale watching, staying in the Redwood State Park, tasting wine in Napa Valley, spending a couple of days in San Francisco and then hitting the beaches around Santa Cruz, Pismo Beach, Malibu and Huntington Beach before heading inland to Palm Springs, and then finally “home.”

Not a bad start to the next chapter, eh?

If anyone has advice or recommendations for things we should see and do along the way, please, help a sista out.


8 thoughts on “On the road again

    • Of course! He’ll even get to come out on the boat for whale watching and we’re bringing him to a special off-leash dog beach in Huntington Beach. He’s probably one of the luckiest dogs this side of the Mississippi.
      PS Your package is on its way xx

  1. Hi Sarah, my hubby also works for the massive multinatonal company that cannot be named, and we have spent the last 10 years moving between Leixlip, Hillsboro and Chandler. I have done this journey many times 🙂 I recommend taking Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) between San Fran and LA, rather than 101 or I-5. Absolutely breathtaking scenery through Big Sur!
    There is also another very pretty wine region in Santa Barbara county (have you ever seen Sideways?) with a little Danish town called Solvang and MJ’s Neverland Ranch is just outside Los Olivos. It is a very quiet area, so take that into consideration!
    If you are in the malibu area, it can be hard to get onto the beach (there are a lot of private homes and not much beach access),so I recommend taking a trip down to Santa Monica and Venice beaches, we usually rent bikes. Venice is pretty cool!

    There is sooo much to see in these areas, you’d never be done! Looks like you have a great trip planned – I’m jealous! 🙂
    You have my email if you need anything (also when you are back in Chandler)

    Have a great trip!!

    • LuLu, thanks so much for the lovely comment and the recommendations! The Pacific Coast Highway is definitely on The List and you basically had me at NEVERLAND

  2. What a drive, how exciting!! And how Kerouac of you guys.

    Also, exciting to hear about the move to the new house. It does seem a big undertaking to furnish your own house but just think of all of the hours on apartmenttherapy.com you’ll be able to justify looking for DIY ways to awesomeify your house. It’ll be deadly!

    I’ve never been to the West coast of the US so sadly I can’t make any recommendations. Myself and Niall are thinking of visiting my sister in San Fran in Halloween and driving across the country over to Virginia Beach to see his sister…hope it happens!

    So cool that Milo will be a travelling dog. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more details about your trip as you go along!

  3. Oh my goodness!! I hope you have the best time ever, you both deserve. Sounds like you’ll have a whale of a time, milo included. Looking forward to hearing more of how you are getting on.

    Big Love and hugs

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