Milo at five months

Milo turned five months old on Saturday. Don’t they grow up so fast? I know I complain about him a lot (here, for example. And here) and he’s definitely hard work, but he’s made such progress in just the last two months that I feel a little boast coming one. Uh oh, here it comes…

  • I’m proud, and relieved to say, that Milo is potty trained now! It was like one day a switch flipped and he realised that pissing on the carpet was gross. He has an accident about once a week at most, which is my fault because I haven’t taught him to say, “Excuse me, may I go outside to relieve myself? I’m bursting” yet.
  • He is doing really well at puppy school. That’s right, we all go off to a puppy obedience class on Monday nights. He can sit on command (he actually learned that before school (smug)), give me eye contact, “wait” and we’re currently working on “down.” We’re also learning “heel” but that’s proving tricky because neither of our hearts are in it.
  • He is now fully vaccinated against every disease a dog could ever possibly catch. His next visit to the vet will be for neutering in a few weeks because he still humps other dogs like it’s going out of fashion and I can no longer handle the embarrassment.
  • He has stayed away from home overnight and got an A on his report card. (Yes, you get a report card in which the kennel workers detail your dog’s behaviour, eating habits and, er, bowel movements.)
  • He’s had his nails done in the doggy salon and got a gold star for excellent manners.
  • He’s been into the city. We took him to the Portland Saturday Market last week which he enjoyed so much he had diarrhea for two days after (eating little bits of dropped food was the cause I suspect). He was a bit bold but only because everyone wanted to play with him. One man actually offered to buy him from me. The cheek! (Although if the price was right…)
  • He’s gotten BIG. I know he looks small in pictures but he’s actually a medium-sized dog and weighs 18lb now. He still has a cute puppy face but he’s getting too heavy to pick up for long periods and it hurts when he walks on me.
  • The most exciting thing I’ve discovered about Milo in the past couple of weeks is that he enjoys wearing little jumpers. This came as a shock to me because he’s very rambunctious, but I’m running with it and have ordered a few little presents for him online. Bear in mind, I cannot afford clothes for myself.

Milo at three months. Small. Dainty. And yet still looks like a little old man.

Milo at five months. A brute. Note he has ripped up and probably ingested most of his bed.


The only problem persisting is the poxy crate training. Eoin and I went for a wander around the fancy end of Portland on Saturday for a couple of hours and he was roaring his head off when we got back. I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a small dark crate myself either, but he even barks if I take out the bin and leave him loose in the apartment. He’s getting better overall though, so I’m just gonna continue doing what I’m doing and hope he just shuts up and gets used to it.


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