Home alone

Stalkers, look away now.

I’m home alone this week because Eoin has been shipped back down to Arizona for work purposes. Where we live is ridiculously safe, and I have the car, so it doesn’t really bother me all that much. Plus, Milo is here to keep me company and take up far too much of my time as usual.

Now, I’m about to make a frank admission and I would ask that nobody judge me. Please? Good. Since I have the house to myself, and remember, I’m unemployed, I’ve decided to use this week as a time to indulge one of my more embarrassing hobbies. Behold:

Yes, I like to make jigsaws. This one is pretty fug I’ll admit, but I got it in Goodwill for the bargain price of $1.99 and it looks new enough that I’m hoping none of the pieces are missing. So that’s what I’m doing for the week. The next time you think your life is dull, just think of little old Sarah, alone in suburban Oregon, making a second-hand jigsaw and I think you’ll find it could be worse. Consider it my gift to you.


7 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. You are truly generous. Here’s one for you: I promised me mah I would do something musical for lent because I couldn’t give up alcohol… I had my first guitar lesson yesterday. My tutor is as infamous for his banjo playing as he is for his alcoholism. The kid ahead of me was like 11. I’m 29.

    • Bahaha that made me LOL. I also love how you just “couldn’t” give up alcohol. Still, I think guitar playing is mildly cooler than making jigsaws. You’ve got the edge (just about)

  2. There are totally going to be like 4 pieces missing, and that’s going to drive you batshit when you’re almost done.

    I’d do a puzzle but my possessed kitten would eat the pieces, and then puke them up on my bed.

  3. i don’t think it’s fug at all, but i’m starting from a very low base: the last one i got stuck into had dolphins and planets on it. i had a shit-fit when i realised that there was a piece or three missing (even though the box was still wrapped in cellophane) but my dad eventually figured out that i’d just mashed a piece into the frame that shouldn’t have been there and i wasn’t in fact missing any at all.

    i’m 30.

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