Picture of the Day: smart cookie

I got this fortune cookie in PF Chang’s on Sunday night. I think they meant “Skype.”


3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: smart cookie

  1. Aw Sarah! Hope the novelty isn’t wearing off too much!! Wish ya could get home for some good auld drunken fun then just fly back to deadlyland! :0) Me and Dave are going to San Fran in August – we have GOT to co-ordinate a visit. We can’t go all the way and not see you guys. We are defo doing Vegas for a few nights so will keep you guys posted of our itinerary 🙂

    • OMG Vegas is only a few hours drive from Phoenix! We will definitely have to meet up, let me know what dates you’ll be there as soon as you do xxx

  2. Ah deadly! Will send you dates soon!! We are gona be in LA for a week on our own (without Daves Parents) hehe so might be cool to try hook up then! Will keep you posted! xx

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