Walking in a winter wonderland

Urgh that title is going to give me nightmares. My apologies. Brain dead.

This morning I awoke to a really annoying scrapey scrapey sound outside my bedroom window. It could only mean one thing: just as the weather forecast had predicted, it had snowed! And here in America, when it snows, magic people materialise from nowhere to shovel the sidewalks and grit the roads. What a neat idea! That way life goes on as normal and the country doesn’t almost collapse.

I love snow. When everyone at home was complaining about it last November and December I didn’t even try to hide my jealousy. We were living in Arizona at the time and feeling decidedly un-Christmassy due to all the sunshine (visit to the Christmas block aside). And then we went to Mexico, which didn’t really help matters.

So today I leaped athletically from bed, grabbed my camera and Milo and went, er, walking in a winter wonderland, for want of a better description.









We took our normal route down to Orchard Park and walked around it once. Milo, who’s not a big cold or precipitation fan at the best of times, was very wary of the strange white powder but soon chilled (ha!) out and started to enjoy digging and playing around.

I love how fresh snow makes everything go so quiet and peaceful. There were a couple of people in the park but far fewer than we would normally meet. It’s 11.32 am now and already starting to thaw, but it sure was nice while it lasted.


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