Picture of the Day: The Puppy Romp

Today we took Milo to a Puppy Romp in a local doggy daycare centre. The idea is that everyone brings their puppies and they’re allowed to play together off leash. Good for learning and socialising yadda yadda yadda and it’s all supervised by a professional dog trainer. So far, so normal. But this is what Milo did at the Puppy Romp. For an hour straight.

Yeah, that’s him there on top. We’ve got a humper on our hands. At first the trainer said he was just trying to assert his dominance over little Cappy but after an hour of it she actually suggested we take him to the vet. Mortifying.


2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: The Puppy Romp

  1. Oh NO! Poor everybody involved! Milo, Cappy, you, trainer – embarrassing for everybody! I’m sure he’ll be fine though. What with my degree in Dogs and all…:)

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