Portland, you’re famous!

I wrote a piece on why Portland is great for today’s Irish Times. Check it out hizzere.

Also, come visit me! I’m only in Oregon for another two and a half months, you know.


6 thoughts on “Portland, you’re famous!

  1. Loving your blog, I’m a waterford gal who spent 2 years living in Portland -I left about 4 years ago, your blog brings it all back!! I went back last summer to meet up with my friends who are still over there and got engaged on the waterfront – Portland is such a brill city…my home away from home!!

  2. Hello there – I came over from the Anti Room and loved this! We used to hop down to Portland from Seattle relatively often; reading this brought it all back. Ah, the PNW…enjoy it whilst you can. If you’re there ’til May, that might be long enough to experience the hot weather – Portland is BAKING in the summer, to make up for all that rain….

    • Thanks, Sarah! A trip to Seattle is definitely on The List for me. Apparently it starts to get nice here in April so as long as I get SOME sunshine I’ll be a happy camper.

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