Making slow puppy progress

Today is Tuesday, Day Three of having Milo in my life. He’s now exactly 14 weeks old and, I don’t know if I’m imagining this or what, getting cuter by the second. And smarter too. I think he could be president someday. He’s also the friendliest puppy of all time. He will do anything to meet new people, especially kids. He made out with a seven-year-old boy the other day. It was gross but the kid’s mother didn’t seem to care so I let him on.

So what have we been doing since Sunday? Making progress, that’s what. Milo is fast becoming a potty training pro, although he has the occasional accident if I don’t watch him constantly. He is still sleeping in his bed beside me and whines a bit when the light goes off. But, and this is the important bit, he has never (touch wood) done his business in the bedroom. He holds it, difficult for a baby, until I take him out, absolutely bursting, at 6am. When we get to his favourite grassy patch he relieves himself immediately and gets a treat for his efforts. Then I feed him and bring him out for more pees and poops about every hour as well as one long proper walk in the park across the road.

Money-wise, he’s costing me an arm, a leg and a head. After the initial outlay (bed, toys, bowls, food, brush etc) there’s still his vaccinations (two sets) to come, plus our apartment charges a fee (a $150 once-off payment and $25 a month pet rent). If I had a job it would be totally fine, but alas, I’m unemployed and haemorraging what little money I have left. He’s already microchipped but I need to get him fitted with a European standard one for his eventual trip home to Ireland. I called a local vet to price that and his shots and it wasn’t cheap. Oy vey. He’s been scratching a bit too so we went for a walk to Petco yesterday to get some kind of medicine. ZOMG, he was treated like a celebrity up there! He got treats, one lady asked to hold him, another complimented him on his breath (?) and the resident dog trainer handled him a bit and said he’s definitely healthy and happy. I also found out that a mobile clinic stops there every Saturday to do affordable vaccinations without the traditional examination fee. Perfect for a povo dog owner like me! Plus, he gets a rabies shot for free if I opt for the package, which I will. And so, with a three-month supply of flea medicine ($60) off we went, wagging our tails, delighted with our little trip.

Today we are going to practice being alone in separate rooms for a bit. He’s fine when I’m in the bathroom with the door closed but when the tables are turned he goes apeshit. My book says the bathroom is the best place for him because he can do minimal damage in there and I agree. He just doesn’t like when he can’t see me. Still, I left him in there whining and howling for 12 minutes this morning. I bet my neighbours think I’m abusing him. When he stopped, I went in to calmly get him and found him hanging out of the bath. He hasn’t taken his eyes off me since, the little creep.

Eoin’s work is having a happy hour in a bar/restaurant across the road today but I don’t think I’ll be able to go, even for an hour. It’s not that I mind Milo howling, he’s a dog, not a baby, I just don’t want him scratching a hole in the door. I guess I’ll just have to make the sacrifice and hope that he gets used to his own company in the next few days. It would definitely suck if Eoin and I could never leave the house together again.

In the interest of full disclosure I would like to admit that Milo peed on the carpet twice in the making of this post. I hope it was worth it.


4 thoughts on “Making slow puppy progress

  1. Ask him would he be interested in working at Pizza Puppy Inc.

    he has to earn his 25 dollar rent, in fairness. We promise to take good care of him once he retires….

    • I totally forgot about Pizza Puppies! Although now that I have considerable experience with a puppy I can state that they don’t make great workers. They’re sort of stupid.

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