The Christmas block

Today, over a yummy lunch in Pita Jungle, an article in one of the local papers caught Eoin’s eye. It was about a neighbourhood, pretty close to where we live, that takes Christmas lights very seriously. Like Clark Griswold seriously. The following quote launched my ROFLCOPTER:

“This is the Christmas block,” said Tom Miller, who’s lived on the street for over 15 years. “When people move in here we let them know that.”

I would not like to mess with Tom Miller. He sounds quite intimidating and Tony Soprano-esque when it comes to the serious matter of outdoor decorations. I bet he has a gun. Anyway, this evening, cos we’re in search of the Christmas spirit and a bit nosey, we decided to find Upland Drive and see what all the fuss was about.


The brightness hits you as soon as you turn the corner from Ellis Street. Not only are the houses covered in enough bulbs to tear you a new cornea, there are also lights strung across the street, and signs saying Happy Christmas From Upland Families on every lamppost. Pretty awesome stuff, and I generally abhor the A word. There were people everywhere: on bikes, walking (you know this is unusual) and standing around taking pictures. At one point a tour bus even trundled in and offloaded sightseers wearing woolly hats and scarves (ridiculous behaviour for Arizona, I was in flip-flops). And it wasn’t just lights they were coming to see! Some houses were playing music and one even had a big screen outside showing Christmas movies. Seriously, I’m not making this up. And it was all crammed on to about 500 metres of street. I took some pictures but the quality is appalling and my battery ran out so I missed a few good ‘uns. Soz!

I liked this BELIEVE garden decoration. I also spotted a JOY, a NOEL and a HAPPY CHRISTMAS further along. Must have been a sale on letters.

This is the outdoor screen I mentioned. It was loud so I’d say it’s actual hell to live in that house considering their living room window is right behind it. Still, the random kids on bikes seemed to be enjoying it and sure isn’t that the main thing?

Here is Santa (I KNOW HIM!) and a massive inflatable snow globe. There were a lot of inflatable Christmas trees and characters going around. Nativity scenes seemed to be popular too, although I wasn’t arsed taking any pictures of them.

Now this house had to be my favourite. They went to town on the lights. I don’t think there was an inch of spare space anywhere, not even on the lawn. It was also playing Christmas songs and flashing away. I only wish the picture did it justice. I also liked that this family had a sign outside asking for food donations. When I go back tomorrow (I’ve decided I’m going to visit the Christmas block every day til I leave for Mexico. Like, why wouldn’t I?) I’m gonna bring some cans of beans and stuff. Get my karma started for 2011 and all that.

Now, can you guess who lives in the festive red-trimmed house below? Yes, dear reader, only Tom bloody Miller! As you can see, he set the bar high with the lights on his own gaff. Bravo, Tom. You have every right to insist the standard remains high.

But really, when you think about it, nothing says Christmas like a two-storey high inflatable bear, does it? God bless America, and the crazies who live here.


7 thoughts on “The Christmas block

  1. I guess Jews don’t bother house-hunting on that block. I wonder if they put something in the disclosure form that THIS IS THE CHRISTMAS BLOCK when a house goes up for sale. And I wonder if anyone takes up a collection from the gawkers to put toward their electric bill. 🙂

  2. your not wrong Breen, Unity Pollard DOES like this! i’m referring to myself in the third person… I’ve obviously gone Christmas mad…:)

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