Back to the future

The following is an actual conversation that took place between two actual people. Names have not been changed.

Eoin: “Do you know what we’re missing?”

Me (bored): “What?”

Eoin: “A local drug store”

Me (annoyed): “What are you on about? There’s a CVS two seconds from our apartment”

Eoin: “I know that, I’m talking about a place where locals go to get a malt and hang out”

Me (suicidal): “You’re thinking of the 1950s, Eoin”

Eoin: “Oh”


4 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. I think a malt shop would be fantastic! One that sells sodas and malts ONLY. Ideally it would have a smoking and non-smoking section, a shelf with liquor for the over 21s to add to their malts/ sodas, lots of chrome, soft lighting and a killer jukebox that only holds hits from the 1959 on back. Finally a door policy that some part of your outfit has to be rolled – be it your hair, your jeans, your t-shirt or your cigarettes. Lovely.

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