My first Thanksgiving

As someone who has watched more than her fair share of Friends, I was pretty excited about Thanksgiving. The day started with a lovely lie-in and a concentrated effort not to eat. The reason? Well, it’s tradition to absolutely stuff yourself and I read somewhere that the average Thanksgiving dinner plate contains over 3,000 calories. Holy heart attack, Batman!

We had a reservation for 3.30pm in a restaurant about 20 minutes away and some people Eoin knows were kind enough to give us a lift. When we arrived, the car park was jammed. My first thought was, Why aren’t these people at home cooking turkeys and making sweet potato pie? Has Friends been lying to me all these years? It turns out that, in this particular restaurant anyway, you can order a whole turkey with all the fixin’s and basically just carve it at your table. Hey presto, full Thanksgiving dinner, complete with doggy bags, and no washing up. These people are clever, I decided.

As you can see from the above picture, our table had a really pretty view of the whole valley. That collection of tall buildings to the left is Phoenix and as usual, it was a gorgeous cloudless day.

Since it was a holiday, the restaurant had a special Thanksgiving menu. I don’t eat meat, so I ordered grilled salmon with all the trimmings. Sorry, fixin’s. Everyone else pretty much went for either the turkey or ham. How festive!

Now, the food. The first thing to arrive at our table was some bread. But as this is America, is wasn’t your ordinary, common or garden bread, it was a kind of doughnut. Tasty!

To accompany this doughy delight, we were given some butter. On closer inspection we discovered the white one was garlic flavoured and the brownish one was laced with cinnamon. Americans are obsessed with cinnamon. And peanut butter. Obsessed.

And now, for the main event. Behold, my very first Thanksgiving dinner…

Doesn’t it look delicious? It was. Clockwise from front: there’s my lovely grilled salmon. Over here, grilled means barbecued and broiled means grilled. Get used to it. Then we have the stuffing. It was so good! Sage and onion, which is my fave. Beside that is some divine mashed potatoes. Very light and fluffy with just a hint of garlic. That orange stuff there is candied yams. Yams are sweet potatoes and I think they were baked with brown sugar and yes, you’ve guessed it, cinnamon. And finally, a humble piece of corn on the cob. Oh yes, and there was gravy too, which, as the worst non-meat-eater in the world, I thoroughly enjoyed.

And here’s the full turkey dinner. Pretty much the same, really…

After clearing my plate (and having seconds of stuffing, if I’m being honest) it was time for dessert. I ordered traditional pumpkin pie. Well, you have to, don’t you? It was topped with sweet cream and yummy. Very cinnamony. Quelle supris, wha’?

And that, in pictures, was my first Thanksgiving. Afterwards I went home, put on my onesie and watched movies. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!


3 thoughts on “My first Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

    We cooked in our apartment. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, vegs. No pumpkin pie, unfortunately, but dinner was lovely anyway.

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