Road trippin’

Today Eoin and I went on our very first American road trip. Excitement!

I’ve been reading a blog called PostSecret for years now, and there is an exhibit running until December 12th in the University of Arizona Art Museum, which is in Tucson, about a two-hour drive away. If you’re not familiar with PostSecret, you’re missing out and you should basically remedy that sharpish. The blog was originally a project started in 2004 by a guy called Frank Warren. He gave 3,000 strangers a blank postcard each and asked them to write down a secret they’d never told anyone and send it back to him anonymously. After the original exhibition of postcards (which I think was in Washington) everyone wanted to get in on the act and the blog now has millions of readers and contributers from all over the world. Seriously, check it out. He puts up new secrets every Sunday. Some will make you laugh, some will make you shudder and the odd one will definitely make you cry.

So off we set. It was yet another blindingly beautiful day in Phoenix (shocker!) and the freeway was busy but fast-moving. We drove through miles of desert, saw some amazing cacti and basically spazzed out every time we copped anything “remarkable” like a trailer park or a sheriff’s car or a, um, train. Yes, I, in particular, am easily entertained.

Tucson, I was told, is your quintessential American college town. Like, if the college wasn’t there the place wouldn’t really exist. It’s very pretty: lots of cafes with people sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and what have you. Everyone walks around wearing their U of A T-shirts and there is Wildcats paraphernalia EVERYWHERE. American students are serious about school spirit and supporting their college football team. It’s equal parts adorable and OTT, if you ask me.

I loved the exhibit, which as you can tell from the stunning photo above, was basically God-themed. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside which means that I was only able to snap one while doing my best Sneakahontas impression. Out of the 300 odd postcards there, I chose the one that I think best sums up my thoughts on the subject. The quality is poor but you have to understand I was engaging in a highly illegal activity at the time. Forgive me, please.

After PostSecret we headed downtown to Johnny Rocket’s (Eddie‘s Stateside cousin?) where I had, without doubt, the most amazing malt that was ever created. Divine. Then we hit the road again, this time heading for Pima Air and Space Museum.

Pima was…cool. There were planes. Like, hundreds of them. My favourites were the Air Force One used by JFK and the one called City of Dublin. Don’t question my criteria.

After wandering around for a good hour, and the obligatory pitstop at the gift shop, it was time to return to the homestead. A fun day.


2 thoughts on “Road trippin’

  1. You went to Johnny Rockets! Tell me you thought of me when there – of course you did. I think he is Eddie’s poorer cousin due to the lack of amazing sauces, especially in America where condiments are King. However, Eoin assured me that the malts are fantastic.

    • Vicki, every time I look outside my window and see America I think of you. The malt was the best thing I’ve ever tasted but it came with a spoon, not a straw. I found that unnerving.

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