The Arizona State Fair

State fairs are big news in America. The one here in Arizona runs from October 15th to November 7th and I really wanted to check it out. The Script, Snoop Dogg and Selena Gomez (amongst others) all played at it in the past few weeks, and I like fairground rides as much as the next person who’s terrified of fairground rides. I confess: the main reason I wanted to go was to experience the food. As I’ve shamelessly admitted here before, I love  junk and was keen to see just what these people were willing to deep fry and jam on a stick. I was not disappointed.

It was a lovely evening (around 80 degrees) but the place wasn’t too jammers. After paying our $10 admission fee we were handed two things: a map of the venue and a list of where to find “your favourite foods.” In hindsight, that list was surplus to requirements. Apart from a couple of ferris wheels, a few scary looking rides and the obligatory win-a-stuffed-toy games, the place was wall to wall food stalls. They sold everything I wanted to see and more. From corn dogs (according to Eoin they taste like a sausage wrapped in a fairy cake. Amazing combo, IMO) to chocolate covered pickles, there is nothing people at state fairs will not batter and sell you. I was impressed. Unforch we’d just had lunch so I only had room for a delicious churro and some amazing handcut fries. Words cannot really do  these snacks justice so I’ll let my (badly taken) pics tell the story. Just click to see them bigger. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “The Arizona State Fair

  1. The smallest horse in the world was actually very misleading – it was just standing in a hole. But yeah, the food was impressive!
    Nath, all I could think about was the amazing shots you would have gotten!

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