The final to do list

Eight days to go. I am FREAKING OUT.

  • Clean out all the presses in the house and decide what clothes and shoes I’m gonna bring in my suitcase.
  • Wash the house and bring the landlord in to inspect it. Get the deposit back.
  • Take ESB and Bord Gais meter readings, send them in and put the bills back in the landlord’s name.
  • Send the internet yoke back into Smart Telecom.
  • Post my change of address form into the bank.
  • Ring the credit card people and tell them to expect some US activity in the very near future.
  • Ring the tax office and make them explain this self assessment nonsense to me.
  • Find out is my state pension will be okay if I live outside Ireland for three years.
  • Ring 02 and have my phone plan changed down to the cheapest option so the fine for breaking my contract won’t be €300.
  • Get my new Blackberry unlocked.
  • Make a hard copy of all my numbers JUST IN CASE.
  • Clean out my desk in work.
  • Cancel my DublinBikes subscription.
  • Find that €200 Brown Thomas voucher. And spend it.
  • Spend that €100 Penneys voucher.
  • Finish season six of The Sopranos.
  • Hydrate. Stop freaking out.
  • Emigrate.

One thought on “The final to do list

  1. Oh good luck with the tax stuff. I’m self-assessed myself and the first year I did it, mein gott, I literally tore hair out. The help-sheet is eight pages long, the form itself 22 pages. I freaked the fuck out. BUT when I really read it, it turned out I only had to fill in a few of those 22 pages. So it’ll be fine. They’re actually quite nice in the revenue and should be helpful enough. Good luck!

    (I’m now in my fourth year doing my own taxes and can do it in a night, so it does get better!)

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