The final to do list

Eight days to go. I am FREAKING OUT.

  • Clean out all the presses in the house and decide what clothes and shoes I’m gonna bring in my suitcase.
  • Wash the house and bring the landlord in to inspect it. Get the deposit back.
  • Take ESB and Bord Gais meter readings, send them in and put the bills back in the landlord’s name.
  • Send the internet yoke back into Smart Telecom.
  • Post my change of address form into the bank.
  • Ring the credit card people and tell them to expect some US activity in the very near future.
  • Ring the tax office and make them explain this self assessment nonsense to me.
  • Find out is my state pension will be okay if I live outside Ireland for three years.
  • Ring 02 and have my phone plan changed down to the cheapest option so the fine for breaking my contract won’t be €300.
  • Get my new Blackberry unlocked.
  • Make a hard copy of all my numbers JUST IN CASE.
  • Clean out my desk in work.
  • Cancel my DublinBikes subscription.
  • Find that €200 Brown Thomas voucher. And spend it.
  • Spend that €100 Penneys voucher.
  • Finish season six of The Sopranos.
  • Hydrate. Stop freaking out.
  • Emigrate.