Visa: approved!

So my visa has finally been approved! The process wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was gonna be. After filling out that ridiculously thorough form we had an interview at the US consulate in Dublin two days later. We were there for about an hour in total and it was really just a formality. The Massive Multinational Company That Cannot Be Named’s lawyers in America had provided us with letters to explain that I would be Eoin’s dependant (morto) and that they have given him enough money to support our “family.” After handing in all our documents (proof that we live together, bank statements etc), our finger prints were taken and then a nice lady asked us a few questions together. When she told us we were done I was just about to walk away when I turned around and asked, “Can you tell us if we’ve been approved now?” She just replied, “Yes ma’am, you’ve been approved. Have a nice day.” Sweet!

Now comes the hard, and most scary part for me: handing in my notice at work. I plan on doing it in the next day or two after which the ball will start rollingĀ  fast. I’ve just started making a list of annoying jobs I have to do which includes, but is not limited to, cleaning out all my clothes and shoes and giving anything I don’t wear to charity. I think it will be quite liberating actually. I’m gonna store a lot of stuff at my parents’ house in Carlow, and only bring things I actually like. Ooh exciting.


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