My (future) new home – Arizona

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For the first 18 months of the American assignment we will be living in or around Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been to America a few times (New York when I was 20, Las Vegas two years ago and again in April of this year) but I’ve never stayed for longer than two weeks. Hence, I’m excited. Knowing nothing about Phoenix (apart from the fact Bella is from there), I turned to my dear friend Wiki and made some exciting discoveries:

  1. Phoenix is hot. In fact, along with Baghdad, it’s one of the hottest inhabited places in the world. It’s dry, deserty and dusty, and the average summer temperature is around 40C. Scorchio, scorchio, scorchio.
  2. Most condos in Phoenix have community pools. See above.
  3. Arizona has some fun border states, namely California (LA! Beach!), Nevada (Vegas!), Utah (mormons!), New Mexico (don’t know anything about it, sorry) and Mexico (MEXICO!).
  4. Everyone drives over there. This is not a problem for most 28-year-olds but I learned to drive six years ago and promptly forgot everything immediately. I’m back behind the wheel now but I only have a Learner Permit and I don’t think I’ll be close to passing my test by October. This worries me. Eoin maintains there are  no footpaths or public transport in Phoenix. Will I be house bound?
  5. It’s cheap. I’ve looked at some condos online (how could I not?) and rent seems to be about half what we’re paying for our one bed in Stoneybatter. Petrol, I mean, gas, is waaaay cheaper too. This pleases me muchly.
  6. The state of Arizona has the death penalty.

And that’s the extent of what I know about Arizona. The Massive Multinational Company That Cannot Be Named where Eoin will be working is actually in Chandler, around 30 minutes outside Phoenix. We might be living there, or in two other nearby cities, Mesa or Tempe. It really doesn’t make any difference to me, I just can’t wait to find out for sure.


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